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Publications & Research Outputs

2023 - Symposium: The Forms of Things Unknown: University of the Arts: Chelsea College of Arts, London

2018 - Textile & Place Symposium - Manchester School of Art

2017 - Making Futures: Plymouth College of Art: Procedures of Making Materials & Processes in Transformation.

          Artefact Life History Framework; an ontology for archaeological reinterpretation. 

2017 - Contrasts of the Bronze Age: Nordic Bronze Age Symposium, Oslo University, Norway

          Paper: Nobody is Perfect: Contrasts in Craft – Succeed to Fail or Fail to Succeed 

2016 - TAG 2016; Theoretical Archaeological Conference: Visualisation, Making in Practice

2016 - Ceramic Firing, Benedict Brierley: ISBN: 9781408185247 Bloomsbury Publishing

2015 - TAG 2015; Theoretical Archaeological Conference: The Mind of the Maker

2015 - NEBBARSS 2015: Newcastle University: Reinterpretation of Archaeology, Digital & Traditional Processes in             Contemporary Craft Practice

2015 - Bronze Age Forum: Exeter University.A site-specific reinterpretation: a contemporary craft exploration of               Bronze Age ceramic material using combined digital and traditional processes

2015 - The British Museum (Sackler Rooms) 'Art, Aesthetics and Function: Collaborative Approaches to Everyday             Objects'

2014 - Royal Danish Academy School of Design Bornholm, Denmark. 

          Material Resonance & Site Specificity: European Ceramic Context: The Values of Matter & Making. 

2013 - Magdalene College Cambridge:Creativity: An Exploration Through the Bronze Age and Contemporary                   Responses to the Bronze Age. Resonant Objects: Inextricable and Inevitable

2013 - University of Southampton: Ceramics Research Group of the Department of Archaeology, 

          The Resonance of Gabbroic Clay in Contemporary Ceramic Works.  




Activities & Exhibitions

2017 - 4000 - Years in the Making – Royal Cornwall Museum – Solo show

2016 - Pressgang – The Art of Printmaking, Penwith Gallery, St.Ives, Cornwall

2016 - Exhibition of Works: RE-Making the past: 20-21 Visual Arts Centre Lincolnshire

2016 - Production of replica Gabbroic clay work: King Edward Tin Mine, Cornwall

2015 - Exhibition of Works: RE-Making the Past: Bilston Craft Gallery

2015 - Exhibition of Works: RE-Making the Past: Farnham Craft Study Centre

2015 - Exhibition of Works: RE-Making the Past: Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

2015 - Presentation: Mineral Landscapes: A Celebration of Science & Industry: Liskeard Museum

2015 - Enlightened Perspectives: An Exhibition Working Through Science & Art: Cambridge, St Johns

2014 - Presentation: Royal Geological Society of Cornwall: Lecture ‘An Exploration Through the Bronze Age &                 Contemporary Responses to the Bronze Age

2014 - Focus Upon: Solo Focus  Cornwall Crafts Association Trellisick, Cornwall Crafts Association

2013 - Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Present Makers Exhibition 

2013 - Exhibition of Ceramic works - Tapirs from Latvia - Terres d'Aligre, Paris

2013 - Exhibition of Works: Creativity in the Bronze Age: A Response: Museum of Anthropology & Archaeology,               Cambridge University

2013 - Exhibition of Works: Creativity in the Bronze Age: A Response: Devises Heritage Museum

2012 - Exhibition of Small Porcelain Forms - Riga National Porcelain Museum, Latvia, 14 November





2015 - AHRC 3D3 PhD Candidate

2012 - MEd Masters in Creative Education

2011 - PgDipHE

1997 - First Class B.A (Hons) Ceramics: Falmouth College of Art

1994 - Foundation in Art and Design: Mid-Warwickshire College

1993 - Diploma: Ceramics and Design: Mid-Warwickshire College


Memberships /Organisations


Trustee: Leach Pottery, St.Ives, Cornwall

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

NACHE: National Association for Ceramics in Higher Education


Cornwall Crafts Association/ Board Member/Selection Panel

Cornwall Ceramics and Glass Association


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